Full Stack Development Portfolio

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FANKEE is a groundbreaking, web3-based music label operating on the blockchain, designed to revolutionize music promotion and ownership. Artists drop unreleased tracks, granting FANKEE's community early access. Fans can then purchase tokens representing a stake in the song's rights, turning them into co-owners. This model encourages both organic and paid promotions, driven by artists, FANKEE, and the fan community. As songs gain traction, both artists and "Hit Scouts" (token-holding fans) benefit, with the latter earning royalties from their shares. FANKEE merges the decentralized power of blockchain with the music industry, fostering a dynamic bond between artists and fans.

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Breakout is a dedicated community platform for skincare enthusiasts. It offers a space for users to track their skincare routines, share their experiences, and get tailored product recommendations. Members can view others' skincare profiles, engage in discussions about trending products and topics, and gain insights from a diverse group of skincare aficionados. Additionally, the platform features an inventory manager for users to monitor their skincare products, including usage frequencies and notes. With a mix of expert and community-driven content, the site aims to be an inclusive, non-judgmental hub for all things skincare.