About Me

The Journey

Hello, world! I'm Damjan, a creative developer and curious learner. My journey started back in my last year at the university. As a Business major, I realized I wanted something different, something challenging yet something I would want to do every day. That’s when I embarked on a path toward becoming a web developer. I took a deep dive into coding, starting with Ruby, and fell in love with the logic, the problem-solving, and the ability to bring ideas to life.

Over the years, I’ve honed my skills in HTML5,CSS3, SCSS/SASS, andJavaScript, building responsive websites that prioritize user experience. I've embraced the power of modern technologies such as ReactJS,Material UI, Tailwind CSS,Next.js, Gatsby.js, andGraphQL to create dynamic, engaging, and interactive digital experiences.

The Backend Expertise

But my skills don't end at the user interface. Recognizing the importance of the complete web ecosystem, I immersed myself in backend technologies, mastering Node.js, Prisma, and GraphQL. I’m also versatile in using CMSs, I've worked with Shopify,Sanity, Strapi, Keystone, and Prismic, aiming to provide a smooth and efficient content management process for my clients.

The Freelancer

I took my skills to the digital marketplace, becoming a freelancer on Upwork. Starting from the humble beginnings of an $8/hour gig, I've now made my way to $50+/hour contracts, always learning and improving along the way. The freelance life has allowed me the freedom to work from anywhere, at any time, and this has made my dream of traveling the world come true. I’m still embracing this lifestyle and prefer to work with clients as a contractor.

The Mindful Coder

Beyond the codes and scripts, I'm an ardent practitioner of mindfulness. I believe in the power of staying present, of being in the moment. This practice has not only enriched my personal life but also my professional one. It enables me to stay focused, handle the pressures of coding challenges, and maintain a harmonious work-life balance.

The Future

As technology evolves, so do I. My interest in generative AI and its applications in the creative field is driving me toward exploring new dimensions. In the end, I'm just a guy who loves to solve problems, enjoys the process of creation, and is excited about what technology can do to make our lives better. If you have a project you'd like to discuss or just want to chat about the latest in tech, feel free to get in touch. I'm always up for a good conversation.

Damjan Radev fullstack developer

Welcome to my world. Let's build something amazing together.