How to get ad-free and unlimited lives on Duolingo for free

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Recently I’ve been delving into learning lanugages, and no I’m not talking about programming.

I’ve been trying out different apps, and the best one that I’ve found is the original one - Duolingo. However the most annoying thing about the mobile app were the ADs, and the fact that I had to be careful not to lose lives when learning, I usually make a lot of mistakes, I like to go fast through the lessons. Until I tried it out on my laptop, and noticed that there were no ads on the web version of it, so I got creative.

Duolingo has an amazing web-app and it works well on mobile, here’s how to have it installed, so you could use it as their native app.

1. Open up from safari (IOS), or chrome (Android)

You can log in or not, it doesn’t really matter, firstly you click on the settings/share button.

A visual depiction of what is being written about

2. When you click on that you will see this screen

Then you need to click on install/add to home screen

A visual depiction of what is being written about

3. At which point you will be prompted with a popup like so

A visual depiction of what is being written about

You now should be able to find it on your home screen, open it, log in and now you have an ad free, unlimited life experience, the same as if you have bought their premium plan.
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