Creating a Blogfolio: The 5 Blogs That Inspired Me

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If you're like me you never start from scratch but always look elsewhere. Well, this is the approach I take professionally when trying to implement a new feature or solve a bug, and now also with my personal blog.

Below you will find a list of 5 blogs I took some inspiration from, in some cases straight up copied from their codebase (provided it was open-source). The list is not in any order except for the first one, which I found most useful and interesting when it came to creating mine.

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Braydon has been around for a long time in the web dev sphere, he's specializing in front-end development, working as a senior front-end developer at LogicGate.

He doesn't write often but when he does it's worth the read, especially if you're in the front-end world.

The UI is very simple and easy to understand, and all the extra features which are not necessarily a deal-breaker give the whole experience a nice touch.

One of the reasons I found this blog very useful is because it's using the latest technologies, things I'm currently trying to understand and learn better.

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This is another example of a creative blogfolio, I didn't find much-written content by Parth so I cannot say much about his writing, however, the design and UX of the blog exceeded my expectations, the overall theme is great and the features it has are a great bonus.

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If you haven't heard about Wes, you've been either living under a rock or you're brand new to the web-dev world. He's a wonderful teacher, speaker, and writer, check him out, also if you're into podcasts make sure to check out, where he and Scott Tolinski talk about all things web.

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Very simple and minimalistic blog but an elite one for sure. I love the left sidebar showing progress and the current section of the blog, it's something I have planned on implementing here. The interactivity that his blog posts offer is beyond measure and I've never seen anything like it, there is always some toggle button that helps you grasp the concept better, It's a very fun read.

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I like the spacious design, it’s clean and engaging, although I would prefer a dark theme option. The most interesting feature I found here is the search functionality, something I don’t need at all currently, but a nice to have in the future.

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